Upon This Rock


from the Fairbanks cabin of author David Marusek

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An epic new science fiction series about family, faith, and alien invasion in the wilds of Alaska.

The largest national park in the U.S. is located in the southeast corner of the state of Alaska. In the heart of this 20,000 square-mile tract of federally protected wilderness lies McHardy, a ghost town from the copper mining days of 1910. A single gravel road, sixty miles long, connects McHardy and its few dozen residents to the state highway system and the world.

One night in December, 2012, a UFO makes an emergency landing near the remote enclave of McHardy. Only two locals witness the event: the patriarch of a large, contentious, fundamentalist Christian family that has come to Alaska to await the Apocalypse and a young backcountry National Park Service ranger spending his first winter in Alaska.

Poppy Prophecy and Ranger Jace stand on opposite sides of almost every issue, from the efficacy of prayer to the management and use of public lands. Worse, Jace has fallen in love with one of Prophecy’s many daughters, the innocent and lovely Deuteronomy. But it’s a doomed romance, if her homicidal brothers have any say in it.

Poppy Prophecy arrives at the UFO landing site and finds what appears to him to be a ten-foot-long glass herald’s trumpet from the throne room of Heaven. He takes it home to his mountain keep, an abandoned copper mine at Stubborn Mountain outside McHardy where he and his family are preparing to ride out the seven years of the Tribulation.

Meanwhile, Ranger Jace, as a child of Star Wars and Star Trek, believes the mysterious artifact to be much more than a musical instrument. It may hold the key to Earth’s first contact with a mysterious and dangerous alien race, and he can’t allow it to remain in the hands of religious extremists. With wild Alaska as the backdrop, he claims the artifact in the name of science and the park service.

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