Novel Update List


Sci-fi Author Bails Out of Social Media in Favor of His Own Email List

from the Fairbanks cabin of author David Marusek

Thanks for checking out my Novel Update email list. It’s a private list for sharing stuff with my readers. If you’ve read my fiction and would like to stay informed about the progress of my current novel and other writing projects, this is the list for you.

I send list members brief emails with publishing news, but I don’t spam them with junk. I may send out only one update a year and never more than one a month.

Meanwhile, I am letting my Facebook, Blogger, G+, and other social media accounts languish. That means the members of this Novel Update list will get the scoop on breaking news before any other outlet.

If you’re a reader of mine and want to join the list, please send me an email saying so. <>

If you’re not a reader of mine--why aren’t you? Browse through my work, and if you’re game, drop me an email, and I will send you a story for free. (Specify “Yurek Rutz,” “She Was Good,” or “My Morning Glory” and Kindle, Nook, or pdf.) And then if you want to join the list, just let me know.