These are links to some of the interviews I’ve done over the years on the subjects of science fiction, my books and stories, the future of technology, and life in the north. They are in rough chronological order, and as they go back a ways, some of the links may be broken.

  1. The July 2000 issue of LOCUS magazine has come out with the interview they did of me in May in New York City. It's a great interview. Here's an excerpt.

  2. Here's a streaming audio of an interview I did on the Fairbanks NPR station KUAC on November 4, 2005.

  3. 2006 interview with Through the Looking Glass.

  4. 2007 interview with Yatterings.

  5. 2008 interview with Actusf in France.

  6. My Swedish interview in 2009.

  7. A 2009 interview in Grinding to Valhalla.

  8. 2009 interview with 49 Writers.

  9. 2009 interview with World in the Satin Bag.

  10. 2009 interview with io9

  11. 2010 interview with 49 Writers.

  12. This is an mp3 podcast interview by KMO at C-Realm in 2010.

from the Fairbanks cabin of author David Marusek